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Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder - Pet Parlour Australia
Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder - Pet Parlour Australia

Fur King Grinder 2000 | Best Dog Nail Grinder

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Product Description

Fur King Rechargeable 2-Speed Dog Nail Grinder Kit

Easy to use and simple to set up, the Pet Parlour Rechargeable 2-Speed Dog Nail Grinder is easily the best on the market. It has all the features you could possibly want in a nail grinder that emphasize safety and affordability. 

This nail grinder works like any other grinder, using the appropriate speeds for the wheel that mimics the process of sanding. It stands out because of its core features that many other grinders do not have, such as proper lighting, more than one speed, and little to no noise.

Of course, there are many more elements of the grinder that make it the best dog nail grinder. So, let's take a closer look at what this grinder has to offer.

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LED Light

One of the reasons dogs tend to squirm when they see it is nail-clipping day is because of the risk of getting hurt. A clipper poses a bit of a higher risk of cutting the blood level and causing harm to your pup. This always is a risk when you grind your dog's nails. However, this nail grinder has a built-in LED light so that you can see the blood level.

The light works at the same time you grind the nail. It provides a clearer view of where the blood level is and allows you to avoid it and any nicks. Plus, when you can avoid hurting your dog, they become more relaxed and nail cutting day becomes much easier.

Low Noise Nail Grinder

Another reason that dogs have a tough time handing their paw over for grinding is because of the noise the wheels tend to make. However, the Pet Parlour Dog Nail Grinder was designed to make as little noise as possible so that your pup is relaxed. The motor is as quiet as 50 dB. Quiet and easy to manoeuvre, Pet Parlour's grinder may leave you with a dog that never again gets nervous for their regular nail clipping.

Two Speeds

Not only is Pet Parlour's tool quiet, but it also has two speeds--7,000 rpm and 8,000 rpm. The two-speed option allows you to adapt to the length of your dog's nails. When sanding near the top of the nail, it is best to use the faster speed. Once you reach the areas closer to the blood level, slower speeds come in handy for better precision.

Two speeds also adapt to the size of your furry pets. With a smaller dog, they have smaller nails that require more precision and a slower speed. Meanwhile, dogs with larger paws have thicker nails that need a bit more force.

Cordless and Rechargeable

The nail grinder reviews show that the accumulating cost of batteries becomes a negative point for the tool. However, the Pet Parlour Rechargeable Nail Grinder comes with a USB rechargeable battery that saves you money in the long run. As a 600 mAh, it can provide up to three hours of function without needing a charge. It requires a USB port to gather its energy. This means it requires a cord, but only for charging.

The quiet grinder tool is cordless when in use. Easy to control, the Pet Parlour Rechargeable 2-Speed Grinder makes it a bit easier to rid your dog's paw of lengthy nails.

Double Grinding Head and Easy Cleaning

The double grinding head makes it much easier to file down nails of both large and small animals. Essentially, two ports give easy access for easy grinding. The first port is toward the top of the grinding wheel, where you can place the nails of smaller paws. The second port is toward the bottom where you can file down larger and thicker nails with ease.

The Pet Parlour Rechargeable Nail Grinder is also very easy to clean. Many nail grinder reviews say that the clean-up process from nail grinding is a hassle. On the other hand, this device treats you to a simple clean with no complaints. All you have to do is remove the detachable head cover for easy cleaning access. The headcover can also be removed to replace the grinding head.

How to Cut Dog Nails Using a Nail Grinder

Using a grinder does not mean you are free from taking the precautions you would normally take with a clipper. You should make sure that your pup is in a comfortable position, either laying down or sitting toward you.

Turn on the grinder and angle it from a higher position. This gives you better control and can help you avoid cutting below the blood level. Make sure to take small sections at a time. This, again, prevents cutting below the blood level and allows you to make more precise cuts.

Use the grinder to go across the bottom of the nail and then toward the tip. Throughout the process, you should make sure that you avoid any of your dog's sensitivities. If you notice they may be in painful discomfort, try adjusting the position or avoiding the particular area.

An important note--if your dog has long hair, be sure to pull it back. The hair is susceptible to getting caught in the spinning wheel and can lead to some more problems.

If you are nervous about your dog using the grinder for the first time, let them get used to the device. Over the course of a few days, let your god get used to the device, allowing them to sniff it and get familiar while offering them treats. Giving them treats while they get more accustomed to the tool can make them more relaxed on the day when you have to make real trims.

The bottom line is that a grinder is a convenient device for trimming your dog's nails. While there are some risks and cons when you grind the nails, the best dog nail grinder (Pet Parlour Rechargeable Grinder) eliminates and eases these risks so that your dog is as comfortable as can be.

Dog Nail Grinders: How They Benefit Your Pup and Which One to Purchase

Once you start to hear those clicks and clacks on the floor when your dog starts walking, you know it is time for a trim. However, this is normally a dreaded time because your dog can be uncomfortable and scared of any cuts that go past the blood level. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to go about this process of grooming, including grinders.

Using a grinder for dog nails is not the most popular, but that is mostly due to the products on the market. If you are a dog owner in Australia, then the nail grinder from Pet Parlour is a necessity.

Types of Dog Nail Grinders and Clippers

Scissor Nail Clippers

The scissor-style of nail clippers is one of the more popular ones. They function very similarly to that of human nail clippers--they trim your dog's nails with a rounded blade that, when applied with pressure, quickly snaps off the excess material.

A scissor nail clipper offers a lot of force, which is perfect for larger dog breeds. Many owners of large dogs use the scissor style of clippers because they work well for thicker nails.

Guillotine Clippers

The guillotine style is not very common because they pose some issues for dog nails, but you can still find them on the market. In these devices, there is a small opening where the dog's nail should go. Squeezing the handle causes the sharp edges to swipe across and clip the nail. It is a cordless device that has little noise and gets the job done.

While scissor nail clippers are great for large dogs, the guillotine is best for medium and small dogs. The blade on this tool is not strong enough for thicker nails. Additionally, the blade often requires sharpening so that its clipping features stay acute.

Dog Nail Grinders

A dog nail grinder is an electric pet nail grinder that typically uses battery power to provide its features. Instead of requiring a clip with the hands, nail grinders power up the grinding wheel, which spins at a high speed to grind. The process uses friction to decrease the nail length, very comparable to the process of sanding.

Most dog nail grinders use a battery as their source of power, while others are rechargeable and get their power from an outlet. Since safety is a priority, this tool is almost always cordless so that neither the dog owner nor the dog get caught in wires in the middle of pet grooming.

The process of nail grinding is not favorable for anxious dogs, since it is usually accompanied by a grinding sound and some vibration which could increase nervousness. However, some of the best dog nail grinders are low-noise and get your dog comfortable with nail grinding.

Using a nail grinder for dogs can take the longest time, as compared to scissor or guillotine clippers, but the tool allows for more precise grinding which also enhances the safety of grooming, preventing low cuts that accidentally surpass the blood level.

Grinders vs. Clippers

There is a considerable difference between clipping a dog's nails and grinding. Ultimately, whichever a dog owner chooses comes down to the comfort level of their canine. Some may get intimidated by the sound of the grinder while others prefer the precise grinding that prevents cuts in the blood level.

Let's take a look at the good and bad features of both tools.

Nail Clippers


One of the best features of clipping a dog's nails is that the tool has little to no sound while in use. The only noise it makes is the natural snap that comes with this type of grooming. Many dogs already do not like having their nails trimmed, and low noise features can ease their tension.

Clippers are also great because of their speed. You can easily clip your pet's nails in a few minutes--all you have to do is position the nail and use the tool to cut. It is efficient and completes the process as fast as possible, which is great for dogs who dread having their nails trimmed.

Many dog owners also like clippers because they are operated manually. They require no batteries or charging, which also makes them a bit more affordable. While you should not find the cheapest nail clippers--because they often lack sharp trimming abilities and critical safety features--you can find that prices are lower for this tool.


The worst thing that could happen with nail clippers is accidentally trimming too low and cutting into the blood level, thus causing bleeding and pain in your dog's paw. Not only is it bad that you hurt your pooch, but you also lose a level of their trust, which makes it a bit more difficult to complete the trimming process.

Another con is that many of these tools try to appeal to pet owners for their affordability. However, the cheaper options could be the worst options for a dog. The blades are often not sharp enough and could even hurt your dog even more. Safety should be a priority when grooming a pet, so be sure to avoid the cheaper versions of this tool.

Nail Grinders


The main issue with a clipper tool is their susceptibility to harming your dog. When using a dog nail grinder, you can make more precise cuts that can avoid the blood level and avoid any bloody accidents. Additionally, this tool is perfect for any pet that has anxiety towards a clipper of any kind.

A dog nail grinder is very versatile in which size dogs it can be used for. While the type of clipper varies between dog sizes, nail grinding works well for pups ranging from petite to massive. Nail grinding works particularly well for thick, dark nails that would not usually cut with a clipper.

Cutting dog nails with a clipper leads to uneven edges that can cause rips in furniture or other people. A pet nail grinder, as mentioned before, is very accurate with its grinding and allows you to create well-rounded and smooth nail edges, thus preventing any damage to fabric, furniture, or skin.

Grinders also have different elements to each individual tool, meaning, each dog nail grinder is different--especially in their power. You have the benefit of selecting whichever powering method is most convenient. Some grinders have USB charging and others require a battery. While battery-operated grinders are a bit more expensive over time, they may work better than rechargeable alternatives.


A dog nail grinder is not the cheapest option for grooming. Since they are not manual, they require some other power source, therefore having a higher cost attached to them. Additionally, some require a battery to operate. Over time, dog nail grinder owners must purchase multiple batteries--an extra cost.

If you grind your dog's nails, you are often left with nail dust at the end, which also creates an unpleasant smell. The best solution is to conduct the grinding process outside or in a location where clean-up is simple.

The sound and vibration that a grinder makes while in use is also a con. Some dogs may not like the extra noise and make them even more nervous about having their nails cut. Fortunately, there are quiet, low vibration options that can make them more comfortable.

Finally, when you grind a dog's nails, there is always a risk of hitting the blood level. However, the chances are lower than a clipper and you can be more accurate in your grinding.

So, Should Dog Owners Clip or Grind Their Dog's Nails for Grooming?

The decision between grinding and clipping a dog's nails comes down to the comfort of the pooch. Some may not be comfortable with the speed and sound of the grinding tool on their paw, especially during the first time of use. Still, a nail grinder has so many benefits that it is almost impossible to pass up.

Additionally, the main issue with clipping your dog's nails is the chance of bleeding from the paw. One misstep and you can have your dog in pain and unwilling to continue with the clipping process. Using a file-like pet nail grinder greatly reduces this risk and makes dogs more comfortable handing over their paws when the dreaded time of nail clipping occurs.

Overall, there are many benefits of a nail grinder, making them the preferred choice for clipping the nails of pets. Not only are they precise, but they also enhance the safety of your pooch and their paws. Plus, the benefits get better when you use the best dog nail grinder on the market.

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Fur King Grinder 2000 | Best Dog Nail Grinder



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